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Don’t Overlook The Advantages Of A Destination Wedding

Don’t Overlook The Advantages Of A Destination Wedding

Advantages of a Destination WeddingThere is no doubt that a destination wedding is the dream venue for many recently engaged couples. In years past, a destination wedding may have also been referred to as eloping. These days, this type of wedding offers a number of advantages to couples that are tying the knot.

Here is a list of reasons that you should consider this type of ceremony if you are getting married in the near future.

  • Less Stressful - Destination weddings typically are a lot less stressful than larger, more traditional wedding ceremonies. For the most part, destination weddings are more intimate celebrations that don’t require a lot of the “pomp and circumstance” that goes hand in hand with a church wedding and traditional wedding reception.
  • Cost Effective - While the cost of a traditional wedding can vary greatly based on a number of factors, the average cost for a wedding in the United States is around $25,000. Most destination weddings will cost a small fraction of this, and have the added benefit of enjoying a fun vacation while you’re at it!
  • Perfect For Second Marriages - Many times, people who are getting married for the second time are not as concerned with having a large wedding as they might have been for their first wedding. For this reason, a destination wedding is perfect. A smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony with family members and a handful of close friends is big enough to exchange vows and start a new life together.
  • Easy To Plan - Destination weddings are relatively easy to plan. Most destination wedding venues like Adventures Unlimited offer couples help with planning their special day. They are there to offer advice on getting all needed paperwork filed with the appropriate channels, help arrange overnight or longer accommodations at their venue, and give recommendations for wedding officiants, bakeries and caterers, and florists to take care of all needed floral arrangements.
  • More Casual Atmosphere - Most destination weddings allow the bride, groom, the wedding party, and guests to enjoy the ceremony in more casual, relaxed atmosphere. Instead of wearing an expensive tuxedo rental, men in the wedding party can get away with wearing a comfortable pair of khaki pants and a nice shirt. The same idea goes for the bride and her bridal party. A sundress in white, cream or a pretty pastel can easily replace a more expensive wedding gown. However, if you have your heart set on wearing a traditional wedding dress, you can always do that, too. It is really up to you!
  • Say Your “I Do’s” And Start Your Honeymoon - The best reason to have a destination wedding is being at your honeymoon destination immediately after your wedding ceremony ends. You don’t have to worry about jumping on a plane later that night or the next morning after celebrating at your reception. This gives you more time to relax, have fun and celebrate with your new spouse and everyone who has come with you for the special event.

If you are thinking about planning a destination wedding, be sure to contact the wedding specialists at Adventures Unlimited to discuss our wedding packages today!