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Rustic Weddings in a Beautiful Outdoor Venue

Rustic Weddings in a Beautiful Outdoor Venue

Rustic Weddings OutdoorAs you prepare for your big day by searching through wedding venues, it may be a challenge to find that someplace special and unique so you can make sure your big day stands out. Rustic weddings have regained popularity in recent years.

Rustic weddings can be held in wooded areas, near rivers or lakes or cabins. Barn weddings have become very popular for couples wanting a wedding with a western theme. Rustic weddings can be held in a variety of locations, including places that you may not consider as your wedding destination during the initial planning.

Add Some Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure parks can often provide first rate wedding venues. In addition to providing a perfect outdoor setting by a stream or in a wooded area, they can often provide special activities for those who are attending the wedding or for members of the wedding party.

As an example, a rustic resort can provide cabin accommodations for those who are attending the ceremony. Arrangements for canoeing, kayaking, ziplining or other activities can be made. Group adventures can add to your wedding, making it an even more memorable occasion.

The Flexibility of a Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings are popular because of their flexibility. You can choose anything from formal attire to jeans for the wedding party. The scenery is also perfect for excellent wedding photographs. With trees, hills, water, grass and rocks as the backdrop, the photographer won’t have trouble staging the traditional group photos. The action photos during the ceremony will also have a pleasant background.

The various seasons also add to the scenery for an outdoor rustic wedding ceremony. Blooming flowers in spring, the sunny days of summer, changing leaves in autumn and snow-capped mountains during winter. If weather is a concern, rustic weddings can be held in covered sheds or barns, which still permit taking in the scenery of the great outdoors.

Barn Weddings

Barn weddings are a popular kind of rustic wedding. Because you don’t know what the weather may bring when planning a wedding months in advance, a barn can provide cover from rain or snow. Even if you have chosen to make the wedding a formal affair, you can still incorporate the rustic barn appearance.

You can incorporate a variety of decorations in a barn. Floral arrangements, wreaths, candles and all of the popular wedding decorations can be included to accent the altar and the seating areas. As you are searching for a wedding venue, consider a rustic wedding or a barn wedding. Rustic weddings can provide a magnificent setting while using items that you may already have to help with the decorating.

Barrels, wagons, benches, crates, bales of hay, lanterns, candles or wine bottle vases can help create the wedding you have always imagined. If you are looking to plan a rustic wedding in Northwest Florida, call Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center. Specializing in unique family adventures, we also cater to weddings. We can help you plan your wedding in the perfect location at our resort just north of Milton in Santa Rosa County.