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Safety Tips for Canoe Trips

Safety Tips for Canoe Trips

canoe trips, paddle trips - Adventures Unlimited Outdoor CenterIf you are looking for an adventure that stands out, consider a Northwest Florida canoe trip. Canoe trips are a fun-filled adventurous ways to enjoy your time outdoors. Regardless of whether it is you first time out in a canoe or you are a seasoned professional, you can enjoy canoeing adventures at any time. If you are planning to go out paddling, you should be prepared for anything that the water might bring. Here are a few safety tips for anyone who enjoys canoeing.

  • Take a course. There are plenty of courses to choose from such as skill development, safety, or on-water instruction but there are plenty of things for you to learn about canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or rafting.

  • Always wear your lifejacket. You could capsize at any time and sometimes you might be in water up to six feet deep when on a Northwest Florida canoe trip.

  • You should be familiar with coldwater safety to protect yourself in these environments. Coldwater can be extremely dangerous and you can encounter some very cold water when on panhandle canoe trips.

  • Make sure you do a safety check every time you are getting ready to head out on a Florida canoeing trip.

  • And, always know your limits before going out on canoe trips in the Florida panhandle. Never try to take on more than you can handle or do things you aren't experienced in handling on the water. Remember, always put safety first!

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