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The Benefits of a Ropes Course

The Benefits of a Ropes Course

There are many benefits to a ropes course, and more and more often groups are learning of the leadership and team benefits offered through course participation. Yes, there are many more benefits to a rope course than just a workout and learning how to climb effectively. 

While a ropes course involves physical activity, it also encourages thinking, problem solving and incorporating analytical skills into the overall success of the project. These kinds of skills are very important in multiple settings, particularly business and career related. 

Leadership Skills Gained

Probably the biggest lesson one can take away from a ropes course is that someone has to step up and lead. Team members will step up, or appoint different leaders for different tasks, so they can complete the task effectively and accurately. 

Good leaders will know that they can get help from their followers. Just because someone is a leader doesn’t mean they have all the best ideas. It is OK to ask the team for ideas or suggestions. Leaders will ask the team for ideas so they can choose the best strategy. 

Strategy takes a backseat to alignment. A leader doesn’t always make the best choice in regards to strategy. Of course the team members aren’t always in agreement with the strategy selected by the leader, but they work to align themselves around him or her and to do what they can to show support. 

Building trust and trusting your supervisors and coworkers is very important. Working together and depending on one another helps team members gain trust and respect for one another. After facing a challenge, the team should discuss what happened, pointing out what went right and what went wrong. This debriefing can save you time in the long run because you can decide what works and what doesn’t work. 

And, last but definitely not least, you can solve almost any problem by working together. Teamwork is exactly as it implies, a group of people working together for common good. You can take what you learn on a ropes course and use it in many other settings so you can grow and improve the results. 

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