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Zip Lines in Northwest Florida Offering Family Adventures

Zip Lines in Northwest Florida Offering Family Adventures

zip lines in northwest floridaIf you are considering a zip line adventure, you want to make sure your trip is going to be safe. Afterall, you are putting your life and the lives of your friends and family in the hands of the zip line course operators. While being fastened in a harness and zipping over the world below - often from several stories up - can get the adrenaline going - you want to make sure that you are as safe as possible when going on this adventure.

  • First, make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate zip line operator. While there are zip lines everywhere and there are no national standards, many states have their own standards in place. You want to deal with a zip line course that is operated with safety protocols in place. You might want to check that they also adhere to the Association for Challenge Course Technology and Professional Ropes Course Association.

  • After you get to the ropes course, look around and make sure the place looks like a clean, safe, and professional operation. Look at the equipment, such as the ropes, carabiners, helmets, and harnesses. Check out the course. Do the lines and platforms look okay? If the equipment looks poorly maintained, then move on down the road.

  • Be sure to carefully listen to the zip line staff. No one will drop you in a harness and push you off without any instructions. Listen to these safety instructions and don't hesitate to ask questions.

  • Watch your step when your course. Make sure you are properly strapped in the harness and onto the safety lines. A simple misstep off the platform can cause injuries. Watch out for other people zip lining as well as the guides. Don't get in anyone's way.

  • Make sure you understand the limits. Most zip lines do have weight limits posted, but you should worry about more than your weight limits. If you have a heart condition, you are pregnant, or have some medical conditions that might be impacted by the stress, just skip the zip line.

  • And, last but not least, always wear a helmet when zip lining. You should also have on closed-toe shoes when you are heading out on ziplines in Northwest Florida.

When it comes ziplines in the Florida Panhandle, you can depend on Adventures Unlimited. We have a team of experienced staff and we always put safety first. Call us today at at (850) 623-6197 to schedule your zip line adventures.