Group Cabins

Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center specializes in group retreats. Groups staying in Forest Glen or Nature's Glen are required to add one (1)  activity (such a river trip or challenge course) and two (2) meals - OR -  or two (2) activities and one (1)  meal for each night stayed.  Adventures Unlimited will be happy to work with you to help design a retreat to fit your specifications. Group miniminums do apply on some items.

For more information, please contact Jo Dee Cattrell, Group & Events Manager, 850-889-2180 or


Bobcat's Bunkhouse

Cost: $300 per night (minimum) Capacity: 20-27 people This is the most rustic of all the group cabins. It has an air conditioned bunk room that will sleep up to 27 people, a kitchen with an oven, refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot and a fire ring, picnic table and grill outside.

Forest Glen

Cost: $320 per night (minimum) Capacity: 20-30 people Forest Glen is a favorite among youth leaders and groups because it has separate entrances to two separate sleeping areas and is located right on Coldwater Creek.

Nature's Glen

Cost: $560 per night (minimum) Capacity: 35-70 people Nature's Glen is our largest group cabin and the most popular with youth groups due to its size, location and separate sleeping quarters.

Old School House Inn

Old School House Inn: Rent all eight rooms for $900.00/night, plus tax (2-night minimum) for up to 26 people (maximum capacity).