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Florida Destination Weddings Becoming More Popular

Florida Destination Weddings Becoming More Popular

The idea of a destination wedding has grown in popularity in recent years. Traveling to a location away from home for a ceremony has become romantic and exciting. While at the destination, the family and guests can partake of various activities, including sightseeing, sports and visiting popular attractions.

While traveling out of the country for a destination wedding does occur on occasion, more couples are opting to leave the passport behind and head out to prime spots located in the United States. Leading that list for destination wedding in the United States is Florida.

Because of its tropical climate that includes plenty of sun and a lot of warm days, Florida has become competitive with popular locations out of the country, including Mexico and the Bahamas. Because Florida is a large state, each location offers unique experience. When planning a wedding in Florida, there are several things that should be given special consideration and attention to detail.

Weddings in Northwest Florida

The high season in North Florida runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which means the area is in much more demand during the months of May through September. However, it does not mean that October through April are not beautiful months in the area. Actually, you can save yourself money by planning a wedding during the off-season, when accommodations are much less expensive.

While many people automatically think about the beach when they think of Florida, but that is not the case. Florida has wooded areas, rivers and beautiful views that seem to go on for miles. Rustic weddings are popular in the area, including those held outdoors or in barns. Couples are scheduling destination weddings throughout the various seasons, and Northwest Florida is no exception.

How to Choose the Right Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding is a matter that should be given much thought and consideration. IN order to select the right venue for your individual situation, there are several things that you must consider when reserving your wedding venue.

First, think about the number of guests you plan on inviting to the ceremony. Of course if you want a larger crowd, you will need to make sure you choose somewhere that can accommodate everyone. As you consider this, think about the mobility of your guests.

While it is your day, you need to be considerate of your guests. As an example, if your sister has small children you want her to feel comfortable bringing them along. If your grandmother has to have help when walking, does this facility accommodate those who are disabled?

How much effort and work are you willing to put into this ceremony? How much time are you willing to invest in decorating? Will the particular location of the wedding need to be cleaned out or have items moved prior to the ceremony? If you are leasing a regular wedding venue, odds are that those things will be taken care of for you.

Then last but not least, the reception hall. Having a reception hall available in the same location is very beneficial. Remember it is a destination wedding, so people have already traveled to reach the wedding, if at all possible don’t require them to travel even more. To learn more about destination weddings in Northwest Florida, call Adventures Unlimited.